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Fort Worth, Texas, United States

DiAnne Arnette Artist, Art to Purchase or Commission + Artist

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I welcome Commissions. Call me to discuss what you want.


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About Me

My Background

My parents knew that I was an artist when my first grade teacher wanted me to stay in the lines....and I wouldn't!

I never had a formal art class until I got to college and I loved it.  I was not an art major, but later I took figure drawing and painting in graduate school.  I have attended many workshops over the last 30 years and count many of the most well known artists as my mentors.

I have always been fascinated with art...and well...paint!  I love to paint and that is what I do..

My Medium

While I love WATERCOLORS and use them more than other mediums, I also use ACRYLICS and other drawing materials if I think they add to my work.

I am somewhat of a wild painter....I am not worried about doing it the "right" way....I do it my way and enjoy the freedom of there being no right or wrong way...I believe that Art is in the process!  Hopefully you will love the art.

My Inspiration

Everything I see has some influence on my work.....the light, the subject, the mood and the shape.

I enjoyed nature and being outdoors whether in the city or the country....there is so much to amaze me.  When I see a color change in a shadow or at a different time of the day...I am inspired.

Contact Me

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Watercolor is my first love...but I also love working in acrylic and mixed media.

I do not consider myself to be a specialty painter...I may paint realism one day and work on a portrait or something abstract another day.  I love working in all sizes...from medium to extra large...

I consider and love to do commission work.  If you want special colors, I am happy to work with your requests.  See the Elephant painting, which was a commission work.  


My painting Rushmore has gotten lots of attention recently.  It has been displayed in several shows and won the painting of the month in Dallas at the Nov. 2017 Southwestern Watercolor Society meeting.

I am busy sending in other paintings to shows....updates will come later.


Between March 5 and March 25:

Abstract Paintings, customized for your decor/colors/etc.  Priced by size:

36x36. $800.00

36X48  $1200

WHAT I HAVE going on right now.....

Lots of shows are coming up for Spring.

I will let you know when I have a painting or paintings in local shows.  Coming up in April will be the Society of Watercolor Artist International Show and in May the Woman's Club of Fort Worth Show at the Fort Worth Community Art Center.  Work will be available for purchase.


I accept commissions for requested special art work.

 You can email me or call me and discuss art that you want. Each piece is different and required planning and designing. Like most artist, I like to be sure I am communicating what the client wants.

Occasionally I offer price reduction specials, or artists discounts  when more than one painting is purchased/ 

 I show in local and national watercolor and art competitions and shows. I have artworks showing in local galleries on occasion as well in other states.